Channel Capital Advisors LLP (“Channel”) is a UK based investment management firm authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Majority owned and operated by management, Channel was formed in 2006 by a number of leading risk management professionals to provide credit investment management services to investors. Since then, Channel has developed a platform producing consistently attractive investment returns for its investors.

To deliver superior returns based on a disciplined investment process, an experienced team and an effective risk management culture.

Investment process – extensive credit analysis of each transaction involving due diligence of the underlying portfolio and use of structural mitigants to reduce risk in investment strategies.

Experienced team – comprises origination, investment management, risk management, operational, IT/Systems, financial and legal professionals to originate, structure and provide reliable aftercare for investments undertaken.

Risk management culture – endeavour to collectively identify, understand and act upon current and future credit, market and operational risks.
1 Returns defined as the economic profits (audited profits less unrealised MTM) divided by the CC Plc Junior Notes which receive excess spread payments.