About Us

Channel Capital Advisors LLP (“Channel”) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Owned and operated by management, Channel was set up in 2006 by a group of experienced credit risk management professionals.

For the last ten years, Channel Capital Advisors LLP has successfully structured and operated a number of asset management strategies, managing funds on behalf of institutional investors.

Channel now focusses on financing solutions for corporates and asset management services to investors who wish to gain access to the trade finance space for large corporates and SME businesses.

We work with established and successful businesses to finance their working capital requirements, and work closely with investors to structure any potential investment to their specific requirements.



2006: Incorporation of Channel Capital Advisors LLP


2007: Launch of Channel Capital plc to originate conservative corporate credit portfolios backed by a panel of European and Canadian institutional investors


2007: Channel Capital plc completes its first portfolio credit transaction across over 100 corporate credit obligors for over $1 billion


2009: Channel Capital plc portfolio reaches nearly USD 12 billion


2013: Channel Capital plc sold to a large US fund manager


2014: Launch of Channel Finance S.A. to provide finance for short term, self-liquidating portfolios of trade instruments with global institutional investors and financial institutions


2014: Channel secures European high yield advisory mandate for its investing partners


2015: Initial trade financing provided in Channel Finance S.A.


2016: High yield advisory mandate is upsized


2016: Channel enters into a partnership with Standard Chartered Bank to transfer existing clients to our financing platform


2016/17: A series of financings linked to the highest quality mid-stream diamond market players is completed and also upsized, on an un-rated and rated basis


2017: Channel is currently in the process of executing multiple trade receivables and inventory financing mandates, with further clients in the pipeline.


2017: Channel successfully launches a SME factoring platform in the Netherlands with its partner, Cloud 9 Group


2017: High yield advisory mandate is upsized to Euro 650 million across 80 European obligors