Financing Solutions

Channel provides asset based financing solutions, offering eligible companies an opportunity to diversify from traditional bank finance.

We work with established and successful businesses to finance their working capital requirements and business flows, focussing on providing finance for the sale and purchase of goods and services.

Drawing on our experience and extensive global network of contacts throughout the financial sector, we can access the wider capital markets to provide an established, credible, and easily accessible financing alternative to our business clients.

We provide finance to any size of business, from large multinational corporates to small and medium-sized enterprises with a great track record of managing their working capital. Larger corporate programs are managed from London while SMEs are efficiently managed with Togather Finance B.V. using cutting edge technology.

Financing Objectives

Financing Solutions

Diversified Funding Sources

Channel accesses funding from a large pool of financial institutions, reducing the reliance that some businesses have on a few “house” banks or funding providers.

Committed Term

Typically Channel is able to provide committed funding for a 1 – 5 year period.


The structural features applied to its financing structures means that Channel is able to lend at a competitive rate.

Transaction Management

Financing Solutions

Direct Contacts

Individual programmes are managed primarily from Channel’s London offices by a dedicated, experienced operational team, providing full coverage by personal email, group email and direct phone.

IT Platform

Our financing platforms provide in many cases additional functionality to allow businesses to better manage their working capital.

Business Performance Improvements

When implementing facilities on behalf of our business clients, we usually find that we are able to suggest tweaks to existing processes and systems that allow better management of their business, and to make the operation of their business more attractive to other funders.

Recent Financing